Permaculture Design and Sustainable Garden

Hello this is Matthew Trumm from Treetop Permaculture, 

Well, the crew and I are going to be starting back up again this coming year with a new gardening workshop series called GARDENING NATURE were we will look towards nature as our greatest teacher and how to apply that knowledge to provide our needs while also enhancing the natural systems around us. 

The name for this technique of looking towards nature in a design is called BIO-MIMICRY and is a key function of PERMACULTURE DESIGN. All of my workshops are rooted in PERMACULTURE: an ethics based design science that can help provide for all the needs of humanity and the living world around us.

The events will be held at various locations in the greater Lake Oroville area. 

The idea is to do workshops on sites that could directly benefit from the information and extra hands that will be available at the event. I would love to do a workshop on your property, so let me know your ideas and maybe we can incorporate them into a workshop in the near future. As always, I am on the look out for volunteers to promote and help out at the event. Let me know. 

I will keep you posted of all our future events and would really love to see you there. You can contact me through this e-mail or at 530-632-1864.

Thank you so much for your interest and support,

Matthew Trumm 


Treetop Permaculture