Unity is a faith that honors all pathways to God.  Unity is a safe place to explore all your spiritual and existential questions about Life. We welcome everyOne. If you are in a same sex relationship or are rich or poor, old or young—we behold the Christ in you and see the best in you. Unity leaves no one out. We include all people and the living Earth in our circle of light and love.
     Unity is not a new religion.  Unity is an interpretation of the teachings of Jesus Christ with the primary emphasis on practice.    The core practices in Unity are Affirmative Prayer and Silent Meditation. Unity in the deepest sense of the word is union with God, Self-Realization, Oneness.    Unity gives us a collection of techniques in enlightened living that include thoughts to think, words to speak, healing treatments, creative visualizations and positive, uplifting daily practices.
     Unity calls us to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, all the Saints, Siddhas and Buddhas—to become Unified, Integrated, Whole, Holy and Complete-- in every way. Jesus said, “Follow me” and we take him at his word. “I have come so that you can feel Joy and my Joy may be in you and your joy may be full.”
We hope that you join us in this adventure called Unity!

Itinerary for Dennis and Patty Ashley

January 7th - Saturday 10:00-3:00 pm  Workshop with Dennis Ashley. 

Title: “Deep Healing”- Shyla Cook hosts, sack lunch recommended.


January 8th - Sunday 10:30 am Dennis Ashley Lesson:  “Into God” Potluck to follow.


January 10th -Tuesday 11:00 am Dennis leads an hour meditation class.  


January 11th - Wednesday 6:00 pm Feather Falls Casino Buffet Dinner.  Sign up with Carol Koehler please.


January 14th - Saturday 6:00 pm Potluck at Unity - Carol Koehler hosts.


January 15th - Sunday 10:30 am Dennis Ashley Lesson: “Get Ready, The Soul Is Diving In”.               


January 15th - Sunday 1:00-3:00 pm    Lunch at Round Table Pizza

Sunday Services

10:30 am

 We are located at:

1321 Robinson Street

Mailing Address: 

P. O. Box 2595

Oroville, CA 95965



Upcoming Sunday Talks

January 1, 2017

Burning Bowl


January 8, 2017

Dennis Ashley


January 15, 2017

Dennis Ashley


January 22, 2017

Deng Ming Dao  


 January 29, 2017

Shyla Cook