Rev. Christine Bouten  Guest Speaker  at Unity on July 29th, 2018

Reverend Christine Bouten is an ordained inter-faith minister. She brings 15 years of leadership experience at Spiritual Life Center in Sacramento, California: 6 as a volunteer board member and 9 as Senior Minister with a

focus on operations, education, and pastoral care.


Christine is an advocate and trained practitioner of the BePeace practice, certified with Rasur Foundation International. She is known for her deeply spiritual guided meditations, breath work, and metaphysical approach to



After a 25-year management career with Hewlett-Packard, and 15 years of ministry, Christine retired in 2016.  She now speaks and trains, by request, as an Emeritus Minister.  Christine also enjoys time with her loved ones (especially the 5 grand children!), and continuing to learn about different cultures and spiritual practices through international



Rev Kathy's Birthday Celebration Sunday

Unity of Oroville

     Unity is a faith that honors all pathways to God.  Unity is a safe place to explore all your spiritual and existential questions about Life. We welcome everyOne. If you are in a same sex relationship or are rich or poor, old or young—we behold the Christ in you and see the best in you. Unity leaves no one out. We include all people and the living Earth in our circle of light and love.
     Unity is not a new religion.  Unity is an interpretation of the teachings of Jesus Christ with the primary emphasis on practice.    The core practices in Unity are Affirmative Prayer and Silent Meditation. Unity in the deepest sense of the word is union with God, Self-Realization, Oneness.    Unity gives us a collection of techniques in enlightened living that include thoughts to think, words to speak, healing treatments, creative visualizations and positive, uplifting daily practices.
     Unity calls us to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, all the Saints, Siddhas and Buddhas—to become Unified, Integrated, Whole, Holy and Complete-- in every way. Jesus said, “Follow me” and we take him at his word. “I have come so that you can feel Joy and my Joy may be in you and your joy may be full.”
We hope that you join us in this adventure called Unity!

Spiritual Leader

Kathy Zavada

Kathy Zavada is an ordained Interfaith minister, inspirational speaker and long-time retreat and workshop facilitator.  She also is a nationally acclaimed performing / recording artist and producer of sacred music. For the past 22 years Kathy has been invited to speak, perform music and share her message of living consciously with love and compassion at innumerable spiritual centers, schools, retreats, workshops and special events. more...