Newsletter — May 2019

Greetings, Friend!


In our celebration of Earth Day and Mother’s Day, we celebrate the sacred Feminine. The feminine face of God has been expressed and honored in cultures worldwide for thousands of years, and yet at times has been written out of history and out of religions. The Divine Feminine is needed in our present phase of evolution, as those energies urge us to discover a greater responsibility towards our planet earth, to truly know and live from a vision of the sacredness and unity of all life.


If our spirituality is divorced from the divine feminine and the qualities of wisdom, compassion, beauty, justice and harmony, it leaves us with a world out of balance. A world without honoring the divine feminine leaves us with a world driven by the lust for power, control, domination and pillaging of the environment. It leaves us out of harmony with the environment, and threatens our continued existence.


Chief Seattle asks us if we will teach the children of our world that the earth is our mother? And that what befalls her, befalls all the sons and daughter of the earth. Consider his words: “every part of this earth is sacred to my people. Every shining pine needle, every sandy shore, every mist in the dark woods, every meadow, every humming insect. All are holy in the memory and experience of my people.”


The Universal Mother has been seen as the creator of all that is, of the earth itself. The Taoists describe her this way: “There was something formless yet complete, that existed before heaven and earth; without sound, without substance, dependent on nothing, unchanging, all pervading, unfailing. One may think of it as the mother of all things under heaven. Its true name we do not know.”


What is it to embody the divine feminine energies? We have some powerful archetypes in our history. Consider this statement, said to have been spoken by The Virgin Mary at Medjugorje in August of 1981: “I am the Queen of Peace. Mary is the real woman who lived her life from her heart. She is the symbol and archetype of the heart itself, Mother of Divine Love. She invites us to live from our hearts.”


Living from the heart requires trust. There was a total and complete trust when we were one with our mother, in the womb, totally safe and connected. We were then thrust into this world, and there is a longing in us to feel that kind of trust, that embrace of pure love that assures us we are always loved and always safe.


We can grow in the trust that there is a loving presence with us, always guiding us, if we listen with our intuitive nature. The earth herself offers peace and nurturing if we spend time connecting with the plants, trees, rocks, rivers and all living creatures.


May we feel the unconditional love and support from the Mother of all creation. May we feel our connection and responsibility to our precious, one and only mother earth. And may we give thanks to all the earthly mothers and the love with which they have nurtured and sustained us.


Know that you are so very precious and loved!


~ Rev. Kathy ~

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