Newsletter December, 2017

In this month of December, we honor the spirit of the season by moving more deeply into our spiritual work of knowing ourselves, and as we do, knowing God. Who are we? Indestructible Spiritual Beings.  Fully realizing this profound truth enables us to alter our whole mental attitude towards how we see ‘sin’, sickness and death. It inspires reverence and humility. Another great question is: WHY am I? Perhaps we ARE, because God IS. Perhaps we ARE, because we, each one of us, has a unique work of realization, of evolution and awakening to do with our one precious life. Perhaps we have our own way of expressing the spiritual force within us to bring light to the shadows in this world. Perhaps we have our own unique way of bringing clarity and beauty to the world, to help dissolve the confusion and chaos here.


How do we day by day, discover our unique purpose? By learning to live with an attitude of receptivity of heart and mind. We have tried-and-true spiritual tools to help us. One of the most important things we can do, is to spend time being still, going into that secret place, closing the door to the drama of the world, and cultivating that receptivity to the presence of guidance of Spirit. Perhaps to truly honor this time of birthing the Christ in our own heart, what matters so much more than shopping and parties, is instead being quiet and receptive to the Christ within.


The infinite and eternal Essence we call God has such an exquisite plan for every created being. God has endowed us richly, within us are gifts, holy presents, which are ours to unwrap, discover, embody and express through our unlimited creative energy. In a refined mind and open heart, we come to realize that there is an infinite LOVE, a mighty eternal love that is seeking expression everywhere! It is seeking expression IN and THROUGH US! Can we let this river of good, this immensity of Love flow in and through us to bless all of life? We can. Let us make the choice for that every day. Then Christ lives in us. WE ARE the hope, and the expression, of Gloriousness! In that great love, with you, always, Rev.  Kathy


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