Newsletter March, 2018

Dear valued congregant,


I am sitting in my office here at Unity of Oroville, reflecting on the journey it’s been since becoming your minister here last June. I have gotten to know many of you as the months go by, and been touched by the heart connections. There are some of you I would like to get to know better, and connect with more, and I welcome you to come and say hello after service or during office hours. I have been impressed by what a family this congregation is; realizing many of you have been faithfully coming to this spiritual community for many years. Some are newer members who are finding their place in this beloved family. Some are here every Sunday, some attend on occasion. What I can say is, you are valued, you are noticed, you bring something unique, and I love seeing you on Sunday. 


As a smaller congregation, when someone is gone we miss them, we hold them in our thoughts and prayers, and we celebrate their return. 


Psalms  133:1 says “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in Unity”. Our world right now seems to express a lot of division, and yet there are people waking up everywhere to the strength and power of unity. This is our message here at Unity of Oroville; that there is strength and power when we are dedicated to healing division. When we re-choose love again and yet again, we feel the presence of God within growing and guiding us.  When we are dedicated to finding ways to forgive ourselves and others, we re-connect. It is a victory for all of us when one of us finds our way towards a greater healing, a resolution, an overcoming of feelings of separation. We are all blessed when any one of us finds our way back to love. 


It is so important to come together and be supported by our spiritual family, to feel embraced by open hearts, to sing out our love for Spirit and life, to pray together for the greatest good for everyone, and to grow together in our ability to live the highest idea of who we are, each day. This is what Sunday is to me. A day to embrace and feel embraced, to love Spirit and each other, and to grow together in the understanding of how we can become more like the master Jesus in our ability to forgive, to heal, to enlighten, and to create a world that blesses all beings. 


I look forward to this continued spiritual journey with you. And I look forward to your shining face here on Sunday, as it’s just not the same without you.


With love,


Rev. Kathy   

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