Newsletter September 2017

Our theme for October will be "Emotional Freedom". We all have the capacity to achieve emotional freedom. No matter how stressed our lives may seem, the time for positive change is now. Our society is in the midst

of an emotional meltdown, with far too many people lacking the skills and wisdom to take care of their most difficult emotions and feelings. We can attain greater happiness, peace and mastery over our emotional negativity by looking deeply at how our emotions work; and how we can use conscious

attention to transform fear into courage, frustration into patience, loneliness into connection, anxiety into inner calm, depression into hope, envy into self-esteem, and anger into compassion.

Four secrets to emotional freedom are: 1)understanding our emotional biology, and seeing how calm is our friend and stress is not; 2)seeing the spiritual teachings and value in our process of transforming difficult emotions like anger into compassion; 3)getting in touch with the energetic power of our emotions and how certain emotions give us enormous energy and make us shine, and 4)understanding our emotional psychology; how we developed emotional habits in large part from our early life teachers (parents) and experiences.

Consider choosing and affirming this mission statement this month, it is a strong statement of intention to grow in emotional freedom.

"I choose to develop the capacity to give and receive more love. I choose to build positive emotions as well as facing and releasing negative ones. And instead of spinning out with, say, anger when I’ve been hurt, I choose to respond from a centered, more empathetic place.  I choose to commit to learning to work with negative emotions, rather than collapsing into them. I commit to removing counterproductive emotional patterns and most of all, I choose to view myself and others through the lens of the heart."

I look forward to growing with you in understanding our emotions and how

they are vehicles for our spiritual transformation and awakening!

With great love,

Rev. Kathy Zavada