Newsletter December, 2018

Dear Friends,

     The season of Advent is upon us, a season traditionally commemorating the historical outer event of the birth of Jesus 2,000 years ago. In Unity we take a metaphysical approach to Advent as a spiritual journey in consciousness. A journey of growing into a wise, loving, and conscious being. Jesus the Christ was an example of how conscious we can be, and his life was a road map of the spiritual journey.

      I am grateful that the first Sunday of Advent is a focus on hope. Whether we have lost our home and everything we own in the Camp fire, or we are facing other challenges in our life, we could not endure and get up in the morning without hope in our hearts. Where does hope come from? It comes from a place deep, down inside, a place we find in the stillness of our being, that knows everything is going to be ok. It is not going to be ok because we are necessarily going to get what we want, or life is going to necessarily go exactly as we plan, it is going to be ok because WE are ok, no matter what. We are ok no matter what because we are one with an immensely loving Spirit, a Presence that is eternal peace, and even though things can happen to our body, to our mind, to our circumstances, to our homes and our health, there is something deeper that WE ARE that is impervious to all the darkness we may face in this journey of awakening.

      What does this mean, from Colossians 1:27, “Christ in you, the hope of glory”? It seems to be saying that if we can find and cultivate this inner knowing, this inner connection, this awake presence in our own being, that absolutely knows, “I am ok no matter what”, we will have all the hope we need. We will be able to meet the challenges, and we will know the glory of rising out of the ash, again and again. We will find that place that is ok with or without a home. We will find that place that is ok in sickness or in health. We will find that place that is ok in living and in dying. We will find the place that is awake consciousness and already free. This is the Christ consciousness. This is what Jesus knew, and what we can know. It is our journey, and the fires of life push us towards finding this place in ourselves.

      Let us dig deep in this holy season, and let the fires of purification burn away the things that shroud the Christ awareness in us. Let us meet and embrace our suffering and the suffering of others with loving-kindness and compassion. Let us lovingly see our limited patterns and commit to working to change them to healthier ways of interacting with people and life so we bring harmony and well being to our families and friends. Let us forgive easily and let go of all resentments and fears. And let us find the place in us that is one with love, and feel that direct line to unlimited cosmic, Christ consciousness. In the holy spirit of Christmas, together we will lift each other up as we celebrate, full of hope, the peace, joy and love that is the truth of who we are. Happy Holy Days! 

With great love,

Rev. Kathy

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