Newsletter November, 2018

Dear Friend,


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has. That has always been one of my favorite quotes from the cultural anthropologist Margaret Meade. We need to remember this now, as the world needs change, it needs us, it needs far greater vision than the narrow views which incite fear and division.  We must know our voice, our vote, our choice for a united and loving world counts and MATTERS.



How does a world based on unity, based on love look? Here are some expanded visions for our future, to have and to hold: the economic well being of the 99 percent, good and affordable health care for all people, a healthy Earth to inhabit now and preserved for future generations, better education for our children, support for those suffering from addiction, and support for the advance of arts and sciences. Let us contemplate compassionate, creative solutions to world population, migration, climate change, extreme weather events, and changes to our government to ensure it can grow as a healthy democracy, safe from derailing into autocracy.  Our spirituality can be synonymous with our ethical responsibility to wisely steward our society into an enlightened future world.



In these interesting times, stay strong in your optimism. Know that as the lotus grows in mud, the challenging times can grow us and fortify our spirit. Let us take care of our heart and spirit, growing in compassion and inner peace, growing in equanimity and spiritual energy, to do the things we are here to do. Let us also stay in balance, resting in the peace and presence of Spirit, often.



The love of God ever enfolds you. May you know that you are loved beyond measure, and experience that in the stillness of your soul.


In love and service, Rev. Kathy

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