Prayer Chaplains

We would like to introduce you to your our prayer chaplains here at Unity. They are available to pray with you after church services for 15 minutes in a private sacred setting.  If you need longer than 15 minutes then that can be arranged as well as home and hospital visits and phone calls. We are developing other services to serve the congregation and will have a schedule and description of that in the the following months.


The prayer chaplain serving you Sundays will be announced at the beginning of each service so you will know who is available for you that Sunday and you can approach them.

We are honored to be able to serve this congregation and leaders in their spiritual needs. Thank you for allowing us to do so and call if any questions.


May The Divine Light Shine Within Your Soul and Bless Your Life.

In Grace and Love

Laura Clendenen, PC 530-589-4113

Kyra Evans, PC  530-534-4280

Pat Woodruff, PC, Coordinator  530-532-1506


You can contact Pat Woodruff by emailing her at:

Prayer Box

The Unity of Oroville prayer team is a dedicated, anonymous group who prays for the names and circumstances in our prayer box for one week. They are then sent to Silent Unity where are held in prayer for 24 hours / 7 days for another 30 days. All is held in strict confidence and the healing power of prayer benefits everyone. Place your payer requests in our prayer box at Unity or fill out this form.
If you wish to join the prayer team, contact Shyla Cook.

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