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Workshop: "Bridging Heaven & Earth"

Join John Effland as he shares the "Perennial Wisdom of the Shaman."


When: Sunday, July 28th  •  Noon to 2pm

Where: Unity of Oroville


Shamans serve their community as a bridge, or link, between Heaven and Earth. They are adept at traveling throughout the various dimensions of life, both practical and spiritual. To attain these skills, they undertake a journey of deep personal healing and profound connection to the realms of Earth, Nature, Spirit and the Source of Life. Their cosmology, or belief system, is a living map of life's inner dimensions and how to effectively navigate them.


Join shaman, John Effland, as he shares some of the fundamentals of shamanic practice - to help us live a more healthy, fulfilling and sustainable life and become our own Bridge Between Heaven and Earth.


Suggested Donation: $15 to $20


NOTE: Bring your lunch.

John Effland
John Effland looks forward to sharing the "Perennial Wisdom of the Shaman" with you on Sunday, July 28 @ Noon.

Bonita's Therapeutic Yoga

Get rid of winter's aches and pains with Bonita's Therapeutic Yoga!
Join the fun as we stretch and relax on Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 8:45 to 10:00 am at Unity Church.
Wear comfortable clothing. Mats and props are available.

Kundalini Yoga

JULY SCHEDULE NOTE: Kundalini Yoga will *NOT* be held on July 2, 9, 16, or 23. Kundalini Yoga will resume on July 30.


New Class Day and Time!

Sat Nam,


By popular request, our Kundalini Yoga class is now during daylight hours!

Tuesdays @ 11:00 am at Unity Church


Had trouble breathing of late? Tomorrow we will clear out our lungs and boost our circulation to move the oxygen throughout our vehicles. Pavan Pavan – “Pavan is the air, the breath, carrier of the prana, our life force.” May the force be with us.


Kundalini yoga works for everyone, including supporting our recovery from addictions, PTSD, depression and other trauma-related effects. The practice of Kundalini Yoga strengthens our nervous and glandular systems, balances our brain hemispheres, increases circulation and muscle tone. This Kundalini practice also assists in reducing cravings and strengthening our resolve. There are many forms of addiction and we have all probably experienced one of them. Join us in the sublime ambience of the Unity Church sanctuary; leave feeling serene, strong and confident, ready for whatever the world presents.


A bottle of water is recommended, and is the sole beverage allowed in the church sanctuary.


$10 donation per class  –or–  5 classes for $47

Discount cards available. The 11th class is FREE.

Private lessons available. Group rates available.

AA Meetings

Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 12 noon.

Women's AA group, Wednesdays evening at 5:30pm.

Dances of Universal Peace

No registration needed; just show up!

For more information, contact Joy Mendoza (530) 891-8789,


"The Dances of Universal Peace are returning to Unity of Oroville, continuing in the theme of live welcoming to all.  Insu and Joy hope to offer the dances quarterly. Proceeds are donated to the church. All are welcome to dance or simply sit, sing and pray.  No experience or partners are needed.

The Dances of Universal Peace invite us to attune to the Spirit of Guidance as embodied in different world religions and spiritual traditions.  The dances connect us with Spirit and one another through a joyous and peaceful form of prayer.  Simple chants and songs combine with circle dances to engage the body, heart, mind and soul which can unify and integrate aspects of being.  Together we sing, move, and dance and affirm the reality of love, joy, and peace."


Love Offering suggested $5-$10, All proceeds go to Unity Church of Oroville.